Wednesday, 18 January 2012

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Painful By Kisses

Painful by Kisses or also known as PBK is the band that formed in 2005. This band is not only known in Bali, but also in Indonesia. This band was Inspired from various streams of metal music from around the world. The name Painful By Kisses has a meaning that Some things are not going to end on something that we want. for example, kiss can end up with something that is painful or disappointing.

This band consists of Febry Iswara (vocals), Donnie Hendrawan (guitar), Agung Dharmayasa (guitar), Angga Triastama (bass), Tribayu Usadha (drums, vocals).Painful By Kisses became one of the teen band wich show mixed of musical genres from punk, hardcode, alternative and metal. Painful By Kisses named the stream the music they played was "Painstortion", to shorten the type of music they play.

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